Gelato in a Bottle ~ Builder Gel

Gelato in a Bottle ~ Builder Gel

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Gelato in a Bottle is our innovative builder gel that may be used as an overlay on natural nails or to build gel extensions using our Holo Forms or superior XXL gel tips (now available in various shapes: Coffin, Coffin C-Curve, Square, Square C-Curve, Stiletto)

How to use our Gelato in a Bottle (Builder Gel): 

- Cleanse the nails with Clean Freak Nail Cleanser

- Apply Prep & Primer 

- Apply Base Gel and cure 

- Apply Gelato in a Bottle to nails and cure 

- Next, use Gelato in a Bottle to build your extension to the desired length and cure  

- Shape to perfection using our incredibly durable files 

- Smooth and Buff with our Pinque Sanding Bands and Buffers

- Apply Colour Gels & work your magic! 

- Add Top Gloss or Matte Top to complete the set 

- Cure your finished design in our Pinque LED Nail Lamp (yes, she glows PINK!) 

Soak-Off in Acetone to remove 

Tag us @tickledpinquecanada #tickledpinquecanada to show us what you create using Gelato in a Bottle! 


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