Sprinkles Nail Glitters • Binx

Sprinkles Nail Glitters • Binx

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Binx • Halloween glitter 

Sprinkles Nail Glitters by Tickled Pinque Cosmetics  

You asked, we answered! The same stunning glitters we are known for, now come in loose form! Use

Sprinkles Nail Glitters for anything, including sugaring, encapsulating, mix into your gels, acrylics, you name it! The possibilities are endless, and so is that shine. All of our fine quality cosmetic grade glitters are solvent resistant and fade resistant.

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Instructions for Gel Mani (Sugar Effect)

  1. Prep, Prime, Apply Base Gel to natural nail, cure
  2. Apply Gelato in a Bottle, cure.
  3. Apply Colour Gel (if desired), cure. 
  4. Apply generous layer of RESIN8, do not cure. 
  5. Sprinkle glitter onto desired area
  6. Shake off excess glitter
  7. Cure with Pinque LED Lamp
  8. Brush off excess glitter
  9. Do not apply a top coat 

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